Wow…what a day. So much to do….so much to blog about!I would imagine you are probably wondering how I pulled this off. As long as your camera doesnt get wet, you are good. 🙂 We spent the morning catching some waves, this local girl was very nice to me, seemed like every time I paddled out there she was smiling at me. (It probably had something to so with the fact that she is my sister, Jennifer). I was surprised that no other surfers had cameras…whats wrong with these people?I am beginning to realize that Mike is going to have a few good pictures by the time we are done. I wish I had my own personal photographer to follow me around. Mike catching one of his first waves.My Nephew JustinNephew JoshuaSister Jenny and Nephew XavierYounger brother JordanNephew JacobBrother Justin, his wife Cami and my step-mom Susan. (Photo by my Dad, John)Nephew ReedAnother incredible sunset….I never get tired of them here on Maui.Luau Dancer….had a ton of pictures like this. All natural lighting, ISO 1600. 😀Fire Knife Dancer, shutter speed = 1 second (this was hand held from about 50 feet) so I am very proud of it. Then we met up with my family again to watch Jordan run in one of his track meets.
It was a great, fun day. Hana and the Seven Sacred Pools tomorrow.