Some of you know what I am up to, most of you dont. As part of my goals for this new year, (which I have kept so far), I thought I would just open this up and tell you all about the little adventure I am on. I imagine many of you will think I am crazy, but I want to open up more on here and not have fewer and fewer filters between myself and you.

This duffle bag on the floor contains ALL of my clothing and toiletries, about 10 complete changes and 4 sets of workout clothes, including one pair of dress shoes and one pair of workout shoes. The duffle bag isnt even completely full. I have one back pack that has my camera gear and computer. This is really all I need to be happy and travel anywhere in the world.

I also have 3 production bags that include light sets, more cameras, hard drives and other equipment all of which fits into my Toyota Prius. Much of this equipment will be liquidated as I am going to the Canon 5D II for video production.

I currently have no permanent residence, and any other belongings I have, which isnt a while lot (besides the H1) is in permanent storage in Alabama. In fact, I havent had my own place for the last YEAR. I have either been in hotels (like I am now) or visiting friends.

So, this is what I am up to….by taking these measures, I am completely free to travel anytime, any where in the world. Am I still booking weddings? Yes. Am I still making videos? Yep. Thats the beauty, both of these do not require me to live in a specific location.

Today I checked into a Hotel and rented it for one week. Over this period of a week, I will got into lock down and attempt to completely script my next video project (which is the Canon Speedlite Crash Course for those of you who are interested). If I finish by the end of the week, I will move to a new location and do the shoot.

Crazy? Maybe…but I LOVE IT. If I enjoy it as much as I think, I plan to visit all 50 United States this year, all the while doing weddings and making Crash Course Videos.