Skylock looks like a typical “U” shape bike lock (and it’s just as strong). Except this lock is loaded with all kinds of smart technology. It was developed by Velo Labs with engineers from Boeing and Jawbone.

Using area WiFi and a corresponding app, Skylock will send you push notifications if the lock is being tampered with. It can detect if you’ve been in an accident and using a single tap you can alert help if needed. You can lock and unlock using the app and if you want to share your bike you can give the unlock codes to friends. It features a solar powered battery that can run a full week off one hour of sunlight.

Velo Labs is trying to raise $50K via crowdfunding for the first release of Skylock. Backers of the product will get one for $159 however the lock will retail for $249.

Bike theft is definitely a problem and usually stopping to get a coffee can be stress inducing. Biking is more popular than ever but it seems this product would only be useful in urban areas. Also, while some bikes can get ridiculously expensive, at $249 it could be more expensive than the cost of an average persons bike. I guess if your bike is your only mode of transportation many of the features offered would be desirable. Either way, it’s a really cool gadget and will probably spawn a whole new future for anti-theft devices.