I know I havent been posting much the last day or two, I am on Kauai and have been working hard on a lot of loose ends, but as always you can expect a lot of great lessons and images coming very, very soon. I hate to do work when I am trying to have a little fun, but work before play always seems to make play better than play before work – its like you have this guilty subconscious thing going on that doesn’t let you enjoy it as much, I should be good after tonight.

Ive set up some really great activities here, Tomorrow morning Ill be scuba diving (from a boat), 2 dives, supposed to be at some awesome locations.

Friday is going to be really interesting…I am taking a “Photo Safari Guided Tour” and have even gone through great lengths to track down the only 82mm Polarizer on the Island (I need it for my 16-35 2.8 L). Vince, the photographer who runs the company seems really enthusiastic, it will be an all day thing, so Im really hoping to learn as much as I can and make as many mini-lessons as possible from this experience. I think I am most excited about this.

Saturday Im going to try the Zip LInes and either try Kayaking or WindSurfing.

Sunday and Monday are open, I head back to Maui Tuesday afternoon.

Before I forgot I wanted to post this, it was taken at the 7 Sacred Pools on Sunday, between like the 3rd and 4th Pool from the bridge that overlooks it. “S” curves are compositional gems if you can find them in nature. Ill have a new Hawaii Screen Saver Pack coming out shortly after the trip, and it will be free for whoever likes the images.

Aloha from Kauai!