We are gearing up to launch this year’s 365 Club main announcement. I received word that my new 365 Project website should be up and running mid-to-late February, hence the delay in getting that going. I know my programming team has been working on it for months now. I also have a cool 365 documentary coming about last years group that should shed light on not only what a 365 is, but how it helps photographers beyond photography. I will be posting some new tweaks on the rules to make it easier to complete and more flexible for those with limited time. Im excited to get this launched once everything is ready.

We have a handful of photographers who have already started their own 365s in the mean time, which can be seen in the forum for now.

One of the HARDEST parts of a 365 project is coming up with new ideas. There is a new app out called “Photography Assignment Generator” that makes literally over 100 different suggestions for photography students to try out.

While the interface is a little dry, this is a GREAT App to help give photographers fresh tips and lessons to work on. There are both free and paid iPhone & iPad versions. If you are thinking about doing a 365 this year, or just want to work on new photography lessons this is a no-brainer!

Photography Assignment Generator