I have been literally flooded with information requests for the workshops.

One day workshops will have a limited number of spaces and the cost for the entire day is $300 per person if they register within 2 weeks of the workshop date. Late registration will be $400. It will be a full day, with 3-5 different lessons, food, question & answer periods and 2 (yes 2!!) shooting sessions.

3 Day workshops will have multiple shooting and classroom lessons on many, many topics which will not be covered on the one day sessions. I will post an updated list of the lessons shortly.

My programmers and I are trying to set this up to be all done online (this means you can sign up and pay within just a few minutes, no form printing or faxing, or mailing it). (!) We are also getting more info and promotional items set up. Every workshop will have their own information page as well so you can check in for updates.

As soon as we get the registration forms set up, tested and linked with paypal, we will open it up for registration. 🙂 Im so excited!