Had a great dive 2 nights ago at Mala Wharf. After the dive Ryan said we was a little spooked because of the “…shark I saw chasing a turtle…”. Ryan then went on to list all the things he saw go swimming by while I was so busy scanning the coral for Nudibranchs and flatworms. I am growing to love night diving more and more, but it also has some real problems, particularly navigation. It is so easy to swim just a few feet and suddenly find yourself completely out of position and not knowing which way is north (and sometimes even up).

I learned that night at Mala how important it is to keep a close eye on my underwater compass as the submerged wharf follows the North-to-South magnetic pole, once I realized this it was easy to find our dive flag at the end. One of the longest dives we did together at about 63 minutes. We really took our time, but didn’t find a whole lot. I am coming to the conclusion that if I get 1-2 good shots of new critters I haven’t seen I am pretty happy. 🙂 I am LOVING to the Canon 100 mm Macro L the more I use it both above and below the surface.

I am feeling more and more interested in flatworms and nudibranchs, this is the only one we saw that night: A Hawaiian Spotted Flatworm