This is one of many secret projects we have been working on for the last few months and it should be available for purchase in the App Store in the next week. While I cannot go into all the details of how it is different, I can say that it is absolutely incredible in what it can do compared to the other Contract Makers I already have on the market. I can also say that it will be on sale for the first couple of months after it’s release, so if you are someone that uses any of the Contract Maker Apps, you might want to jump on this on it’s initial release.

This new version is geared towards business professionals, lawyers, and those customers who have advanced contract making requirements. The new App has nearly 600 placeholders, and almost a dozen never before seen features. Additionally, there will never be “upgrades” in the App, once you own it, you will get all the upcoming features free. (Whereas we have several new upgrade features coming to PCM and CMPro shortly). Even after it’s release in the next week or so, we expect to add several more extremely nice tools in late October.