Now that the Canon Speedlite DVD is done (at least as much as I can do), its time to turn my ever abundant free time to another video project. This is what it is looking like:

Next up:

1. Canon Rebel T1i Crash Course DVD (shooting is nearly completed, I squeezed it in last week)
2. Photography Business DVD (this is the first time I have announced this)
3. Wedding Photography Crash Course
4. Photography Lighting DVD
5. I expect the 60 D or similar Canon Model to come out at the end of the year.

Im aiming to have them all finished before the end of the year and I realize this may be a little over ambitious, I will try anyway. Business and Wedding Photography DVDs should be done in Septemberish. Im also working on making a DVD on “Teaching” in general. I think its something that everyone can benefit from, and I can show you guys the techniques I use to teach. Maybe this is random, but I feel it would be a good worth while video.

Anything else you guys would like to see in terms of training videos?