Had an awesome shoot Saturday night with Maria and Dave. This was the first engagement shoot to try out some new techniques. Engagement shoots are different than weddings because we have more time to be creative and I am able to work with the couple without any distractions.

One thing I noticed about down town Salt Lake City is that there is more than enough light to shoot down there without any additional lighting (I was at f 1.4). If you are ever visiting, do not let night keep you from coming down and trying some longer exposures.

We had a GREAT GREAT time. 🙂

Here are my favorites from the shoot:I like to ask couples what they would do if someone or something really upset them. These were the responses I got. I was really surprised with Maria’s…she growled….LOUDLY….I love Dave’s reaction. The crazy thing about this shot is it was straight out of the camera like this:

f 1.4, 1/4, 320 ISO 24mm

Thanks again Dave and Maria for a super fun time. You have about 150 shots like these or better out of the 500 or so we took. I was very VERY happy with them. 🙂