My good friends Warren and Kearstin are visiting from Idaho with their 4 children, and Warren’s brother Ryan, joined them. Ryan just finished his scuba certification this last weekend, so I thought I would take him out to the Mala Wharf in Lahaina for 2 morning dives. There was hardly anyone there, (no other divers at all) water clarity was good, about 40+ feet, but they were doing some work on the dock and there was a lot of falloff in the water which made it cloudy on the surface.

Its been over a month since I last dove, but I am starting to really dial my technique in for underwater stuff. I even decided to go with a smaller pancake type lens, a 28mm 2.8, simply because that focal length is just about perfect for general purpose use, and it is much smaller, lighter and cheaper than my 24 1.4. I think I am a fan of it. I mostly shoot in RAW, on Manual, and use my strobes for just a touch of fill. You can actually see the color difference on the turtle pic between light fill (Turtle) and Ambient light (Ryan).

I am also really starting to play around with color balance and intentionally tweaking it to get some different looks, including an “aged” look, (see turtle in cave).

Ill be posting tons of more pics soon. Here are a few of my fans from this morning: