My long awaited book about my first trip to Haiti is very, VERY close to being published. I feel for the most part the bulk of it is finished and at this point I am looking for a few people I can trust to proof read it. All that remains is the final cover, converting to e-book formats and submitting. Judging from the 5-6 people who have already read it, it should take about 2-3 days reading a few hours a night, however, one of the test readers read it in a single day. So far the reviews have been positive, but I would like to have about 8-10 more people test read it before I launch it near the end of the month. I am basically looking for grammatical mistakes (missing periods for example) or other glaring flaws, storyline holes, etc.

I would prefer if the test readers:

– Are people I have at least met and/or trust, but would prefer that they are not close friends or family members. Probably better if it isn’t anyone actually involved in the story. I want strangers unfamiliar with it to read it.
– Can do it in no more than 4-5 days
– Would be willing to read an electronic version sent by email
– Can take good notes and mistakes

If you are interested in helping out, please shoot me an email or leave a comment below. Thanks!