Had my first real shoot today in nearly two months, Ive been locked up editing for so long…wow. It was good to get out! Many of you will recognize Chase, he is one of my more experienced assistants. Kristen won last weeks contest, and she is also married to Chase, so this was their prize. 🙂 We had a lot of fun- here are my favorites of the day….Uh huh….this is by far my favorite of the day. This took a little photoshop, but not much. Ya…we found this frog at the park and thought he might like to be included. No…I am not kidding. 🙂

Im feeling my style change a little. Get the safe shots, then try to get the shots you or no one else will every get because they are so unusual…like the cloud pic- I was very happy with it. Thanks for a great shoot today Chase and Kristen!