We have been pretty quiet about what is going on with our two main Apps, Photographers Contract Maker and Contract Maker Pro, but as of yesterday a new update was submitted and we expect that within the week our iPhone PCM and CMPro App users will have this new feature available.

iCloud Sync will allow you to back-up as well as move ALL of your settings and contracts between devices. So if you have your Contract Makers all set up the way you like them on your iPad, you can easily move all of those settings over to your iPhone. Or if you have been using the App, and buy a new device, this will allow you to move all of your templates and settings into the new device in seconds. If you lose a contract, you will be able to restore it, assuming you have backed it up on iCloud. You get the idea 🙂 – this is a very welcome update.

Both Apps are available on the iTunes store, and again, we expect this feature to be available in the next week:

Photographers Contract Maker
Contract Maker Pro

You can also test drive both Apps for free (but these wont have iCloud Sync):

Photographers Contract Maker LITE on iTunes
Contract Maker Pro LITE on iTunes