The last 4 or 5 days have been really crazy, I feel like I am learning so much about organization, planning, and initiative. There is this re-occurring occurring theme, and I have also felt it when producing the DVDs.

I get to a point and no matter how I think to try to solve it, I have no choice but to just try it and see how it turns out, knowing it wont be right. When I see it executed with it’s errors, only then can see where the flaws are and fix it. Its like: “Hurry up and fail at this, so we can get get it right”.

What this means to me is that you have to be comfortable with failure to really learn. If you are uncomfortable with failure, you cannot learn as quickly than if you embrace the process.

When you have no clue on a technique, idea, process, etc, sometimes only after you try to do it and fail, can you understand how the process works, by seeing what NOT to do. In this sense, failure is good.

Failure is the foundation of progress.