Canon has a really great system of returning gear for repair. If you spend all that money on a camera body or lens, and break it, even out of warranty, hope is not lost, they will typically be willing to repair it at a fraction of the original cost. If it’s under warranty and it was a defect, they will fix it for free. I have found that it is cheaper to just send it in when something breaks instead of getting insurance on anything, hence I only pay when I break something. (And it seems I break something about once a year).

The culprit in this case is a Canon 580 Ex II – which as we see on the APT video conks out during the model shoot. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

First step is to go to Canon’s Support Website, this is the link for the USA:

Canon USA Support and Service

Next, select your product from the drop-down menu’s:Type in your Serial Number. If its a Camera body its located on the bottom, usually on a black and white metal type sticker. They need the purchase date to know if it’s still under Canon Warranty. If it is, you will need to send a copy of the receipt:The interesting thing about this is they give you an estimate before the item even arrives. Hmmmm…it essentially tells me that they can fix it in parts and labor for less than whatever the estimate is..Print up your form, and send to one of the repair addresses. They actually have several but it depends on what you are having repaired. Looks like some specialize in some gear and not in others.