Had a great shoot this afternoon with Mike Madsen. I almost never shoot in RAW, but it does have its advantages, like being able to massage it into this type of image. I cannot take credit for this particular set of RAW processing, I got it from Scott Kelby’s blog, Scott Kelbys Amazon Blog I am however working on a jpg version action of this recipe for photoshop, look for it to be available shortly.

The trick to this type of shot is the lighting….(notice both the shadows and brighter highlights). It will not work with every image so you really have to plan it carefully. There are a few other actions I am working on to take an image and give it a cool, painted/drawn like look. Photographers who know and use photoshop have the ability to create looks that can really stand out as an art form. If you are a digital photographer, this is something you definately need to look into.

Take the below picture for example. Its a good look and good picture. This is before:This is after an action set I have been working on called “Comic Book”. Just for varieties sake…..Before…this is the original jpg….a decent shot, not great or anything….After 3 actions I have been developing for some time now……”Paintball”, “Deep Blue Sea” and “Rain Maker”Ok….so I know this is getting a little crazy and may even be running beyond what most photographers would classify as photography….I still think they are very cool looks and a new way to express myself creatively, so I am going to roll with it. Like I said, I will be posting these actions shortly. If anyone else is interested, just let me know and I will email you when they are ready.