Have a very limited internet connection today and wanted to see if I could get an image or two out. Been having just an amazing time here, words cannot explain it, but it has really been one of the best trips of my life. Much better and much more interesting than I had anticipated. Im at 2500 images already, and will have to break it down over a few days. Huge gratitude to Paul and the Meysen group for inviting me to be part of the project.

I find most of my attention (and images) being drawn to the people of Myanmar. Anywhere we drive I cannot take my eyes off the streets because I want to soak all of it in.

This first image was taken the morning after I arrived at a market where we ate breakfast. (Lots of very strange and wonderful food here too. Its been a very interesting experience). Heading back to Tokyo tomorrow night, and should be back on Maui shortly after.