I have been getting a zillion requests for family photos both in Utah and in Alabama. Typically, I shoot weddings and I unfortunately, I am expensive. In the past I have done many family shoots, which include individual couple and child portraits, but I have never addressed the requests for just a few nice family portraits and nothing else. I was also sad to have to turn away so many families because of cost….so……I thought I would give this a try and we will see how it goes:

1. One 20 minute family portrait session with Michael Andrew- $60
2. Session is for family portraits only, individual portraits not included.
3. Copyright release to use for holiday photos.
4. Custom Card Design and prints available at an additional cost.
5. Shoots will be in Tuscaloosa, Alabama – by appointment only.

So I am just going to see how this goes- I think this will be a good opportunity if you are looking for some nice family photos for the holidays. If you are interested, just give me a call or email!