I have many videos available for free both on my school and Youtube, but the videos I am talking about when I discuss piracy are entire DVDs (including tons of otherwise unavailable footage). I never would have understood what a huge problem this was until I actually got burned by it. I think it is extremely messed up, and I regularly get emails from individual’s trying to scam me in different ways with regards to the video. A common technique is from customers who register with the store, then dont order anything, then email me asking where their video is. Its pretty easy for me to see who actually paid for something and who didnt.

This little clip is something I am putting into the middle of all of my DVDs (as if someone was pirating or burning it, it would be a tremendous pain to edit out.) The figures are actually much worse than less than a half percent…I can only imagine what would have happened if I was paid for even half or even 20% of what is ripped off from me.

I sincerely thank everyone who has purchased my videos fair and square. You are the minority and I greatly appreciate it. All of this wouldnt be possible without you.

If you are one of those people who have ripped off a video from me, you really should just buy one in the store and compensate me for my work. Your honesty and integrity is worth so much more than $40. You wouldnt like it if your employer wanted to pay you less than 1% for what you do, and the same is true with me.

Michael’s Store

Why do so many people think piracy is ok?