Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes (Aug 24). I spent a fantastic day with close friends in Idaho and had pizza and ice cream with Warren and fam. I have to note how fantastic it has been for me to get off island for a few days, I already feel recharged and excited to get to back to work next week. I have so many exciting things coming and our Android versions of Contract Maker are nearly ready to be released, as they are in the final stages of testing. Also getting lots of positive feedback on the Haiti Book, this has taken the bulk of my time over the last year (not including the trip to Japan). Not sure I will ever write another book again, they are a TON of work. Big thank you to all the volunteer test readers!

Day 354 of 365….the absolute rarest of Michael Andrew images, me in a suit! I didnt even own one when I landed last week, so I had to go shopping! Will need to get some nicer pics made, but yes, apparently I look ok in a suit.