So the last few days have been like this:

July 2nd- After cleaning my car, drove a few hours to Philly, picked up my good friend Wendy who decided to come hang out with me for the 4th. Met up with my Uncle Jay and his family and we had a great dinner before walking to Penns Landing before calling it quits for the night.

July 3rd- Checked out Philly…walking most places, after an amazingly long day, around 11pm, we drove 2 hours down to DC, crashed for a few hours.

July 4th- Checked out DC as fast as we could, cant see a lot in one day, but we did our best. Scoped out a good fireworks location, waited about 3 hours for 20 minutes of fireworks. Took about 2 hours to get back to the hotel. Grabbed a few hours of sleep, left DC at about 4am, dropped Wendy off in Philly, and then I crashed for about 3 hours before driving about 4 hours up to New York today (traffic was awful). Had a quick breakfast before I left, I have been in “zombie” mode all day (as in I am absolutely feeling a little tired).

Monday I get to find out if the 580 DVD is ready to go to mass production, if so Ill be setting up the pre-order sale.
Tuesday will be the NY workshop.

Im exhausted, but finding that I am learning lots of little tricks to saving money while traveling. Despite the non-stop traveling, teaching, video making, photo taking marathon, I really am having the time of my life- I wouldnt have it any other way!

So glad Wendy was able to come out an hang out with me, as well as able to see my Uncle Jay and his family (including my 2 cousins). Its so nice to see family and friends on the road.