Workshop is going better than I could have ever expected or even attempt to describe in words. To give you a sense of how much fun we are having, we were supposed to end at 9:00pm tonight, when in actuality it was 12:30am. I know this sounds utterly ridiculous, especially that we start at 9am…yes…a 15 hour day, and with the exception of eating breaks and a half hour after lunch, we went straight all day. I still dont know if I will be able to cover everything I would like by 7pm tomorrow, but I am sure going to try. We are having an absolutely fabulous time.

One really amazing thought I had today was that everyone in Tampa has completely different backgrounds, I mean…we are all really different…but because we have a common interest in photography, we get along great and I think everyone really likes everyone else, when if it wasnt for photography, we probably would have never met, but because we do like it, we were immediately friends. Its an awesome thing.

This is todays 365, as you can see, I had a lot of help, but yes…I did press the shutter!