Just had a great lunch and discussion with Omar, Priscilla, Scott, Anthony and Joe in Tampa- we are taking a quick break so I thought it would be fun to post this- they were treated to the “Michael Andrew Chick-Fil-A Experience” where I ordered for everyone, including all the extra tweaks I normally get (Chargrilled Chicken Club with Swapped Meat (for fried), Extra Pickles and Honey Roasted BBQ Mustard (sometimes you have to ask for it) plus…. thats right Oreo Cookie Shakes. I confess, its the third day in a row Ive had this meal, but since it has been the only meal, on the last 2, I dont feel so guilty.

We are having a fantastic time, great questions and discussions, we are about to finish the second part of the Business Crash Course, followed by beach shooting, dinner and Slow Sync Crash Course!