My brand new Canon SL1 Crash Course Training Tutorial Video Manual just became available for download as of late yesterday afternoon. I had been getting a lot of questions about it and it is finally ready to go. That makes the 4th training video Ive finished in just the last few months. Im exhausted!

Ive been shooting with the SL1 every chance I get. This is my set up for the moon shot the other night:It’s essentially all lens with the very, very small SL1 on the back. Went up to Haleakala last night to shoot the sunset and do some more moon images and I have to say the SL1 performed GREAT. The only really issue I had with it was shooting into very strong backlight (almost looking directly into the sun, key word “almost”) where focus struggled. I flipped it over to manual and it was fine. My 5Diii didnt have this issue. Its the only glitch Ive noticed so far.