UPDATE CLICK HERE for Michael’s Canon 7Dii Crash Course Tutorial Training Video

With the Canon 7D being discontinued and the imminent announcement of the 7Dii in the next few weeks, I thought I would share some initial thoughts as well as announce our plans for a Canon 7Dii Tutorial Training Video DVD. The Original 7D Crash Course is one of our very best sellers, so if you are planning on this camera, just know it is coming very soon, probably should finish around the end of September as we are still working on the Sony A7s DVD now.

Canon Rumors has leaked the specs on the 7Dii, for a full line up, definitely head over there and check it out. My thoughts?

– 10 FPS will probably require a new battery.
– 65 Focus Points all cross type sound phenomenal
– Headphone Jack is wayyyyyy past due
– 1080 60 fps is decent, but also way past due.
– I would love to know more about the sensor, what fine detail means, heck even what size it is. The Nikon D750 is full frame and it sounds like these two are going to be released around the same time.
– I also understand the body is completely metal and very strong, and weather sealed.

The fact that there is no touch screen, no wifi, no GPS, and especially no 4K is disappointing. Canon is going to lose videography customers in droves without the 4K option. Maybe they have plans for a firmware update, but until they address this, it is just crazy to me that they and Nikon would release new DSLRs without it. Panasonic is going to be raking in new sales with the GH4

More to come…..