Ladies and Gentlemen, with some sorrow I can safely announce the end of the Canon 5Dii Era….

Been flooded with questions about the Canon 6D and how it compares with the Canon 5DII . The Canon 5Dii will be a “Hall of Fame DSLR” if there ever is such a thing, but it’s time is officially up in my book.

The Canon 6D brings just too much to the table to justify purchasing the Canon 5Dii, even at an extra cost of $300. Between the improved focus square, the low light high ISO performance, WIFi tethering and video improvements, I cannot think of a good reason to purchase the 5Dii over the 6D, in fact, I think doing so would be a huge mistake.

You are going to want to check out this video, because I even compare the 6D’s low light performance to the 5Diii. The 6D is better! Enjoy!