I actually drove to the theaters tonight to catch “Immortals” but being a friday night and seeing how crowded it was, I just didn’t feel like it. Im not overly excited about with the previews anyway.

Instead I decided to sit down with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on XBox. For some reason I have been less and less interested in XBox games, it seems like so much of the same. Not so with MW3, I play the story mode and mission modes, not so much online, but all three are EXTREMELY fun. It doesn’t feel so much like a video game anymore, as it does an interactive movie. The attention to detail and polish is very, very, very good.

If you haven’t heard, MW3 sold 6.5 Million Copies in it’s first day for a record breaking $400 Million Dollars. Thats a bigger opening day than Star Wars, Harry Potter and any Lord of the Rings. Its seems as if video games are finally posing serious competition to movies now.

If you have an XBOX or PS3, this is a home run.