Had a super awesome shoot Tuesday afternoon with Allison and her mother, Susan…who I must say has a very unique sense of humor. We started a little earlier than normal, I like to shoot around the last two hours of day light, the more time the better. Allison and I clicked from day one. She is one of those brides that “gets me” as both a photographer and a person. It is a real pleasure to shoot her wedding and I couldnt be more happy with the results of yesterday’s shoot.

Something I have learned is that when you are on these shoots, it is smart to get your base “safe” shots, I usually try for about 65-70 percent, and the remaining shots, I try to get as creative as I possibly can. Sometimes it works out, some times it doesnt, but if you are not trying to improve as a photographer, it can get monotonous. The above picture was an experimental shot, it work out great. The next two below pictures are what I would classify as safe shots. I cant seem to shake this gritty painting look. I really like it. This is a Sky Cam Shot:

I get asked a lot about the Sky Cam, what it is and how it works. Its bascially an adapter that allows you to secure your very expensive camera on top of a painters pole. They are a lot of fun to play around with. I sell instructions in my store on how to build your own here:

Michael Andrew Sky Cam Construction Guide

Thank you so much for a wonderful shoot Allison! I cant wait for May 24th!