I have a lot of mixed feelings about “Allied”. Beautifully shot, great acting and kind of a loyalty-mystery love story, mixed with some action. Parts of it were truly slow and could have been cut down. It sorta felt like they were going for art initially, and then transitioned into slow paced thriller.

Strangely Allied felt much like the end chapter of “Mr and Ms Smith” the film where Brad and Angelina met & fell in love, beginning their marital relationship, and now, another spy thriller, taking place during World War II, Brad this time with Marion Cotillard?, which ironically ended the real life Brangelina. Im still trying to wrap my mind around this stranger than fiction hollywood marital palindrome. All that aside, there is so solid action, and the film explores the question of loyalty, fidelity and love. Its keep you guessing.

Robert Zemeckis is among the most talented film makers of our time, this is a must rental, but I think many couples will enjoy it in theaters.