The focusing systems on the Sony A6300 are very good, accurate, and fast. However, they’re also very complicated. I’ve made this quick video to break it down for you. The easiest way to describe it is in terms of the HOW, WHEN, and WHERE the camera is focusing.

Here’s a breakdown of what the video covers:

– How to use the half-way shutter button depression to lock in focus, including recomposing
– C1 button which gives us our different focus modes (AFS single focus lock, AFC continuous focus, AFS auto focus automatic, MF manual focus, DMF direct manual focus)
– Learn to change position of focusing squares
– Eye AF
– Back Button Focus
– Smile & Face Detection

I hope you enjoy this quick crash course on the focusing system of the Sony a6300 camera. The FULL Crash Course Training Tutorial is available now for immediate download. CLICK HERE