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Welcome to Michael's blog. Michael Andrew, (aka Michael The Maven) is a freelance producer, photography instructor, tech innovator, and when needed, disaster aid specialist.

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03.20.17         tutorial & training videos  

Olympus OMD EM1ii Pro Capture Tutorial Set up & Overview

The OMD-EM1 Mark ii has an incredible feature called Pro Capture. It allows photographers to take up to 60 FPS, full resolution in RAW. It is very impressive.

This tutorial video will show you how to set it up, explain the concepts as well as how to tweak in the settings. It is just one lesson on my Olympus OMD EM1 II training course. Which can be purchased by CLICKING HERE

03.19.17         fun!  

Illuminating the Universe: The History of Light by PBS Digital Studios

This is a cool video that briefly goes over the discovery of the true nature of light. It was produced by PBS Digital Studios for the YouTube Channel "Ir's Okay To Be Smart". As the video explains it took thousands of years for humans to finally unravel what light really is.

If you're a photographer knowledge of light should be critically important to you. Even the word photograph itself derives from the Greek language that essentially translates to "drawing with light". This video will not only give you a nice short history of our understanding of light, but it's also a pretty good lesson on what light actually is and how it behaves.

03.18.17         video  

Netflix Want to Finish Orson Welles Last Film

The Other Side Of The Wind from The Kennedy/Marshall Company on Vimeo.

Orson Welles id a Hollywood legend. Radio personality, actor, and director. He wrote, directed, and starred in what many consider to be the best film ever made; Citizen Kane. Modern audiences might not care for it but regardless of your opinion it changed the landscape of moviemaking forever. He was a pioneer - and at only 25 years-old.

He rose to prominence quickly and after a few flops his descent into obesity and alcohol all but ruined his career. Although he never stopped working, he struggled to find the early fame he once enjoyed. His final film that was supposed to be his comeback was never finished due to his failing health.

In 2015 famed director Peter Bogdanovich (who acted in the original 1970 portions of the movie) and producer Frank Marshall failed to raise the funds via Indigogo to complete the movies. They were ecstatic to learn the Netflix has purchased the rights and the negative have been shipped back to Hollywood for completion. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the final work of one of the greatest movies directors ever.

03.17.17         fun!  

Timelapse of The Chicago River Green - Sure what not?

Every year in honor of St. Patrick's Day the fine city of Chicago dyes the river green. This year photographer Peter Tsai was set up in a Hyatt hotel room to capture the action.

What exactly is used to dye the river green is "top secret" but whatever it is they use 25 pounds of it. Even stranger, it's orange until it mixes with the water. Either way this fun little timelapse captures the fun and celebration of St. Patrick's Day.

03.16.17         photography  

Production of Sony A7RII by Shutterbug Mag

This is a really cool video of the meticulous production process involved in building a Sony A7Rii. The team at Shutterbug stopped by Sony's factory in Thailand to document the process from start to finish. As you will see from the video it's a pretty painstaking process where it appears intense sterilization and extreme detail are imperative. It's a fascinating watch.

03.15.17         featured photographers  

Beautiful Macro Work of Katarzyna Załużna

Polish mother of three Katarzyna Załużna describes herself as an amateur photographer who has been shooting for four years. Her work is the definition of ethereal. The images look like the imaginings of a storybook. Deep, rich, colors contrasted with shimmering golds and silvers. Delicate leaves and petals hanging onto to spindly twigs and branches. They really are beautiful.

She uses the vintage (and extremely modestly priced) Pentacon 50mm F1.8 lens to create her images. You can learn more about her and see more of her work by visiting her Facebook Page HERE.

03.14.17         photography  

Adobe Offers 'Make It Now' 1 Min PS Tutorials

Adobe Creative Cloud is offering a new series on their YouTube Channel called 'Make It Now'. It's quick and dirty 1 minute tips on various Photoshop techniques. One minute per day sounds good to me so you might as well subscribe HERE and get your fix.

You could always learn something new - and in just one minute. They also offer downloadable practice files in the description boxes. Plus, the beauty of video is that you can pause and go at your own pace.

They've uploaded four videos so far which I have shared below as a playlist:

03.13.17         video  

5 Essentials on How to Edit Faster in Adobe Premiere by Justin Odisho

Shooting video is a feature that has become available on basically all cameras so the popularity is growing. Creating professional looking work has never been easier. However, editing your work for a professional finish definitely has a learning curve.

Most people, like Justin who created this video, are self taught. This is another educational piece that can either be viewed for inspiration or even copied until you discover your own personal style of workflow. He shares his tips on how to speed up your editing process. Because working smart is as important as anything.

Check out the video and make sure to stop by Justin's YouTube channel and his Instagram page for more great tutorials and inspiration.

03.12.17         video  

Incredible Drone Footage of Surfer Taking on Massive Swell

This incredible entry into the World Surf League Big Wave Awards is equal parts thrilling and terrifying. It's been entered into Billabong Ride of the Year category. It shows surfer Pedro "Scooby" Vianna catching a huge swell in Nazaré, Portugal a few weeks ago. Fellow Brazilian Lucas "Chumbo" Chianca is close by to help out after the wave engulfs Pedro. It seems both men then becomes engulfed by the raging sea but luckily everybody is all right. Whew!

If you want to check out more crazy videos and beautiful rides make sure to stop by the World Surf League website HERE.

03.11.17         movie reviews  

King Kong: Skull Island

Very mixed feelings about this. It seems there is a new King Kong or Godzilla Movie every 5 years. Typically Im against remakes, but there are a handful of exceptions that do better than originals.

King Kong Skull Island starts of very strong, I was pleasantly surprised up to a certain point and then, the movie totally unraveled at the introduction of an overly goofy character. From that point on it was unwatchable, despite incredible CGI. I think the filmmakers made every effort to try to be original, but it just didn't connect because I didn't really care about the characters, King Kong and the "bad guys" of the film were unbelievable.

Its a solid rental, but I was disappointed with the end 2/3s and wouldn't recommend it in theaters.

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