CPL ND Filter

Maven Filters has introduced a specialized magnetic filter that combines a Neutral Density (ND) and Circular Polarizer (CPL), creating a Dark CPL ND Filter unit. With its properties of a CPL, harsh reflections are reduced while color saturation can be enhanced as well as also remove glare as a normal polarizer can. The CPL is blue because it brings out the true blues in the sky, adding depth and drama to your landscape shots. The design of pre-existing ND Filter rings is combined with the original CPL ring, making them into a unique and identifiable language. This dual-action filter synchronously lets you tackle varying lighting conditions with ND properties, resulting in well-balanced shots. One major advantage of this is combining both an ND and CPL into a single filter, resulting in superior vignetting performance on very wide angle focal lengths, like 16mm or wider.

CPL ND Filter

The CPL ND Filter unit reduces harsh light, bringing out clarity and depth to ensure every detail stands out with exceptional vibrancy. This is clearly seen as you simply attach the filter to your Magnetic Adapter Ring, and rotate it until you reach the desired amount of polarization. Maven Filters offer a range of Dark CPL’s from a Dark 3ND, 6ND, and 10ND. 

There are many uses that you can get with using a Dark CPL Filter. They allow you to use a wider aperture in bright condition and long exposures to blur motion. Many videographers have fixed ISO settings and limited shutter-speed options. A filter that gives you precise control over your imagery will have specialized filtration for stunning colors. Polarization overall enriches the colors in your landscape photographs. 

Our sleek design effectively eliminates the worry of vignetting, especially when stacking filters. Capture pristine shots without the persistent darkening of corners which commonly occurs with wide-angle lenses.

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Special Note on Maven Filters

Maven Filters are made with AGC Japanese optical glass, 16 layers of MRC coatings, and hydrophobic nano resistance. Maven Polarizers use a color free film and our Neutral Density Filters are visually color neutral. The design has distinct grooves on the aluminum ring and are color-coded for easy identification and efficiency. MAVEN is the only filter company that takes a strict approach to convenience as a feature. This color coded language behind MAVEN filters is patent pending. The magnetic and color-neutral properties, ensure seamless integration and effortless usability for photographers of all levels. 

Let your photos speak volumes with brilliant clarity with our advanced filter technology.