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12.17.14     gadgetry  

Kawaii Selfie by Mirror Cam

When I see stuff like this, I wonder if we are turning into a society of narcissists lol. I completely understand 365 projects, but this??

Its a camera geared to one specific group: teenage girls. The aesthetics of the camera along with its marketing suggests just that. It's only offered in pastel shades of pink, mint green, and white. This is definitely not for the minded. It's designed with one thing in mind; the perfect selfie. It's 14 MP, with no visible lens element, and works as a sort of 2-way mirror.

It'd be interesting to see if this camera actually sells.


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12.16.14     photography  

Is A Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera in the Works?

After a Japanese camera website found a patent filing for a Nikon 28-80mm f/3.5-5.6 VR full frame lens the rumors began swirling. Nikon Rumors is convinced it's just a matter of time and that 2015 will see the release of a full frame mirrorless camera from Nikon.

Check out what they're saying here.

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12.15.14     featured photographers  

Another Great Behind-The-Scenes from Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson is more of an all-encompassing visual artist than just a photographer. I've featured his photos on the blog several times before. His concepts are well thought out before he even begins. He even goes so far as the sketch the plans. This video shows how he goes about creating his masterpieces. It quite an amazing watch and shows his Photoshop edit has 153 layers! Whoa! Check it out below.


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12.14.14     photography  

Tips for Better Family Portraits with Tamara Lackey

Tamara Lackey is a pretty big name in photography. She has done print work for such big clients as "O - The Oprah Magazine" to celebrity portraits. In this video she shares her ‘5 Photography Tips with Award Winning Photographer Tamara Lackey’. Check it out below.

5 Photography Tips with Award Winning Photographer Tamara Lackey from Nations Photo on Vimeo.


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12.13.14     video  

Great DIY Tips on How to Improve Light for Your Videos


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12.12.14     featured photographers  

Astronaut Don Pettit Discusses His Space Photography Work With NASA

Taking photographs from space is something most of us will ever experience. But if you're Don Pettit it's an important aspect of his work as a NASA astronaut. In this gripping video, produced by SmugMug Films, Don talks about his incredible experiences and the types of technical difficulties he has to overcome to make successful images while orbiting Earth. It's really fascinating. Check it out below.


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12.11.14     photography  

Professional Photographer Karl Taylor Shares His Tips on How to Hold a Camera

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12.10.14     featured photographers  

The Beautiful Surrealist Work of Rob Woodcox

Rob Woodcox is a young photographer based out of Portland, OR (he was raised in Detroit). He's been featured and interviewed by what seems like every important media and photography outlet.

At his young age he's already accomplished so much with the work he's done. He photos were used to raise awareness for children in the foster care system. The funds he and his friends raised were used to start a new camp for children in need.

"When he is not creating photographs, Rob mentors children and artists, travels, cooks, and longboards." We sure hope Rob keeps up the great work. To check out his delightful and interesting portfolio click here.


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12.09.14     photography  

The Satisfying Story of Nelson Tang & The Outrageous $300K Lawsuit

Nelson Tang was a struggling, soft-spoken immigrant dipping his toes into the photography market. He agreed to shoot a wedding for a long-time friend. Soon he found himself in a terrifying and legal dispute. The groom (his friend's husband) is a lawyer and began threatening Nelson with an outrageous $300,000 dollar lawsuit.

Nelson in his state of desperation reached out to the always impressive Gary Fong. The story upset Gary and he decided to get involved. Gary tells the first angering, then completely satisfying story from his point of view. Check out the story here on PetaPixel.

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12.08.14     featured photographers  

Photographer Jan Bainar Captures Photos of Winter Phenomenon

While hiking through the Beskydy Mountains between Slovakia and the Czech Republic Jan Bainar discovered a mystifying phenomenon. The temperatures, moisture, and winds combined to create these beautiful patterns across the trunks of one side of the trees.

Jan has an absolutely beautiful portfolio of landscapes on 500px. Check it out here.


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