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04.22.17         photography  

Landscape Photography - Do's and Don'ts by Craig Roberts

Spring is here and the weather is getting nice in many parts of the US. Everybody is grabbing their cameras and heading outdoors. Landscapes are such a wonderful outdoor subject to explore.

This video was made by veteran professional landscape photographer Craig Roberts. He shares his do's and don't for capturing awesome landscapes.

I really love his advice and I think you will find it useful Here's a quick breakdown (although the video covers these in better detail):

- Shoot local (practice for those times you find yourself somewhere amazing)
- Don't worry about fancy gear. Use what you have.
- Get the image right in camera.
- Composition is critical with landscapes.
- Filters are important.

Check out the video and then get out there and start shooting in your neck of the woods.

04.21.17         photography  

Trump Administration Started Uploading to Flickr

President Trump and his administration have been in The White House for a few months now. They're definitely not social media shy using Twitter and other mediums as a platform to connect with the public. Flickr is another way to connect and share official photos. The White House stream has 182k followers. Yesterday they starting uploading images.

So far they've added two albums. One covers the festivities of Easter Sunday and the another is called "Photo of the Day". Official White House Photographer is Shealah Craighead is credited with taking most of the images. The other photographers are given credits on each image.

If you want to follow the photographic documentation of Trump's Presidency on Flickr you can check it out HERE.

04.20.17         photography  

Canon Announces C-Log for 5D Mark IV - At a Price.....

If you want easier color grading and a better post-production workflow for your 5D IV video footage, you can now have it. Instead of being a free upgrade as many were hoping, installing C-Log to your camera will cost a trip to an authorized service center and $99.

For the money you'll get maximum dynamic range with minimal loss of detail in your shadows and highlights. Are you after that cinematic look? Canon says it'll be easier than ever. This also makes syncing your post-production style/look with other cameras achievable.

They enthusiastically list all of the added benefits you'll receive for the (admittedly) modest price of $99. But since you're already shelling out $3,499 for the camera it could leave a bad taste in the mouths of some. And if you haven't yet purchased your 5D IV you'll have the option of buying C-Log preinstalled for $3,599. The upgrade will be available in July.

In the video below Canon Technical Advisor, Rudy Winston goes over the details:
To learn more and get all the nitty-gritty details from Canon CLICK HERE

04.19.17         instagram  

I've received the first and only proof of my new...

I've received the first and only proof of my new book on #efficiency (Called "The Efficiency Playbook") and I've been told the presses are now running. It was interesting that the cover and the book itself were separate, but I'm happy and proud of both. My plan is to give away 800+ paperbacks to friends, 10,000 audio books and another 50,000+ kindle / e-versions to my students, followers and YouTube subscribers. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter if you want your free kindle copy and I'll be having many give aways for the other two versions.

04.19.17         photography  

Sony Announces A9

The new Sony a9 full-frame mirrorless camera has been announced. It's a beast with the every intention of taking on the best cameras that Nikon & Canon have offer. The official release date is May 25th and it's listed at $4,499. Every body is talking about the continuous shooting. It offers 20 fps for up to 241 consecutive RAW images or 362 JPEG's. Plus it's said to AF up to 60 times per second. Wow.

Sony has their sights set straight on the professional photographer. Seems like especially the professional sports shooter.

Here are some other features and specs:

- 24 MP
- 693 phase detection AF points
- 4K video
- dual SD card slots
- max shutter speed 1/32,000
- hugely improved battery life over previous full-frame cameras

04.18.17         fun!  

Watch a model rocket engine burn in super slow-mo? Sure, why not?

The team at Warped Perception is back at it with another super and ultra slow motion video. This time they're burning model rocket engines. What happens when you light the flint? They wanted to know and so I do.

These guys tinker with all things mechanic and scientific. The best part is they shoot in super and ultra and slow-mo for our enjoyment. It's equal parts fun and educational.

If you check out the description on the video he has all kinds of great links to other videos and scientific explanations for what's happening. If you like what you see you can subscribe to their channel to stay up date on their next cool experiment.

04.17.17         photography  

Panasonic Addresses GH5 Autofocus Issue

Online photography communities and YouTube have been buzzing about the GH5's potential autofocus issues. Apparently Panasonic caught wind of it and they've released a statement via PhotoJoseph a "Lumix Luminary" (sponsored photographer). The statement is basically settings recommendations with a hint that they may do some sort of firmware update. Here's what they had to say:

"We recommend to select the 1-area AF in 30p or 60p frame rate for more comfortable Auto Focus speed. When you select 24p, 1-area AF is recommended.

If you are still experiencing slower than desired AF, Panasonic suggests to override the AF by pressing the shutter button halfway down.

Panasonic pledges to further improve the AF quality."

Are you guys seeing some issues with your AF system on the GH5. Drop your thoughts below.

04.16.17         tutorial & training videos  

Panasonic GH5 - External Buttons Tutorial Training Overview

This is just one lesson of my upcoming Panasonic GH5 Tutorial Course which should be available in early May of 2017. Enjoy!

If you'd like to be notified when the course is ready for download drop us a comment below with your name and email address!

04.15.17         featured photographers  

Seasonal Timelapse from a Drone by Will Strathmann

TYCA Farm Seasonal Timelapse from a Drone from Will Strathmann on Vimeo.

Well this is just pretty. According to his Vimeo Page, "Will Strathmann is a freelance photographer and filmmaker based out of Denver, Colorado."

He got an idea for a long-term timelapse of changing seasons and then set out to make it a reality. He decided on to use drone footage. His location of choice was a farm in eastern Pennsylvania.

From the lush green foliage of summer to the blankets of white snow in the winter - this video shows nature in its purest beauty. It took two years to create. Coming in at only 47 seconds, that sure shows a lot of dedication. You can check up with Will on his Instagram or see more of his work on his website.

04.14.17         photography  

Sony Overtakes #2 Position in U.S. Full-Frame Interchangeable Lens Camera Market

Sony proudly announced today that they've surpassed Nikon in the U.S. full-frame interchangeable lens camera market. Their numbers are up 23% from this same period last year. They say the popularity of α7RII and α7SII helped fuel this growth. Now only trailing Canon they say without their lenses the overall market would have suffered a loss.

The numbers are gathered and crunched by NPD Group. They track and report trends among consumers. You can see some easy to understand infographics and read the entire press release HERE.

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