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Canon Rebel T3i Tutorial Training Video

 12 Customer Reviews
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12 Customer Reviews  
Dede Warren (10.19.13, 12:48pm)
I cannot speak highly enough about Michael's video crash course. I have learned more in an hour than I have in the two months since I've had my camera! This guy is full of easy to understand information. Having the lessons in video format is the best way for any visual learner to start using their camera quickly! Thanks, thanks, thanks Michael for making these videos, and for making them so affordable.
Sandy Scott (7.6.13, 5:56am)
Candidly, I have no idea how a novice photographer can effectively use a camera like the T3i without a course like this. For background, I was a photo hobbyist as a young kid and had my own darkroom. My interest was renewed circa 1970 when I took the School of Modern Photography's course in professional photography. Again, I had my own darkroom and mostly shot in black and white.

The last SLR camera I used was a Canon Elan, but I have been out of the hobby for about 20 years using only point and shoot digital cameras since. I decided to venture into the world of DSLR with the purchase of a T3i, but even with my past photographic experience, I found myself rather overwhelmed by the camera with its seemingly endless features controlled by seemingly too many buttons and switches. I felt uncomfortable with the camera and found myself just using the Auto mode.

Searching for information on the internet, I came upon a preview video of this course and after watching it and then searching out other potential video tutorials, I purchased this course a couple of days ago. It was more than I anticipated.

After watching the first video and half of the second over a day, I now feel completely comfortable with this camera, and I am ready to do some serious shooting able to take advantage of and understanding all of the features of this wonderful, entry level camera.

Michael takes the student through this camera in a thorough and concise fashion such that anyone watching the video should feel comfortable with and understand the features of this camera and how to implement them.

As an aside, in that I had been away from photography for a considerable amount of time, even as once advanced photographer, I found the basic tutorial on photographic principle a great review.

If you have a camera for which Michael has a video tutorial and you are not 100% clear on the features, buttons and photographic techniques, buy the video!!
Stephanie Knight (4.18.13, 12:53am)
I just wanted to say thanks, I've learned a lot from your Canon T3i crash
course. I'm one that has a great eye for composition but needed to know how
to work my camera to get what I wanted out of it. I've turned 3 or 4 people
on to your courses just because I'm so happy with them. I just bought the
Speedlite Course for my 430exII... can't wait to dive in.

Just wanted to say thanks. I really appreciate it. :)
Stephanie Knight
J. W. Bean (3.4.13, 5:52pm)
Canon T3i Crash Course By Michael Andrew was bought as a gift for a friend. I was very pleased with the Canon 7D course by Michael Andrew which was over three hours and covered setting up everything in the 7D and is indexed making finding something later very easy. Yes both the other course by Blue Crane and it was ok.
Eric Stein (1.31.13, 2:16pm)
Amazed! The dynamics on this guy's crash course while explaining things that are until that point impossible to understand, are flawless...
It just opened my eyes and YES! I'm OFF the Auto/Easy mode FINALLY!
jim leo (8.14.12, 4:01pm)
For anyone who recently purchased this camera, this training guide is excellent.

I could have spent the next year fumbling with the manual and stumbling around with the settings, but instead I got the training course. It help me grasp the basics after three hours. I will, of course, re-watch it several times. While I still have much much more to learn, this video has taken me through the learning curve more quickly than I could ever have imagined. It goes beyond just the mechanics of the camera and gets into the basics of photography in general, which is very helpful.

I hope to see a training video specifically dedicated to the video functions of the Canons. Many indie movie makers are using these cameras for making movies because they can offer a great cinematic look.

Thanks, Michael.
Katy (8.3.12, 10:13pm)
Dear Michael

After watching your video on YouTube explaining the Canon T3i's External Buttons, I knew this was the perfect video for me. I've learned so much from this video and thank you for making it!


Robert K. (8.3.12, 10:12pm)
Hi Michael

Hi Michael, I recently purchased your T3i Crash Course in preparation for a trip with my girlfriend to Kruger National Park in South Africa. We are both novices to photography and needless to say were very intimidated by all there is to learn both in terms of the camera functionality and all of the various theories of photography. I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your training video, not just because it was so informative and easy to understand, but also the confidence that you instilled in us to go out and take truly fantastic pictures of this once in a lifetime experience. Thank you for providing such a great learning tool.

Best regards,

Barbara (8.3.12, 10:11pm)
Dear Michael

I just finished reviewig the T3i Crash Course DVD and I must say you did an excellent job! I'm new to digital photography and this video really helped me understand my camera. Just wanted to let you know I've very happy with my purchase and as soon as I get more comfortable with my camera I will get the Advanced Photography Techniques DVD.


Ryan (8.3.12, 10:11pm)

I am really impressed with your knowledge and experience you covered in the T3i Crash Course DVD. Thank you very much, it has helped me a lot! Keep up the great work!

Thumbs up for Michael the Mentor!

Steve (8.3.12, 10:11pm)
Dear Michael

Because I'm unable to attend a photography course, due to my schedule, I purchased and downloaded your T3i Crash Course. Although I've only been studying the lessons for a few days, all I can say is "Great Job" on the T3i tutorial dvd. It contains a lot or information and has helped open up a new world in photography for me. In a short time it already has me taking better photos than I've ever taken in my entire life and has made the hobby a big enjoyment for me. As I learn to use the camera via your lessons, the T3i becomes less intimidating and more enjoyable to use. Thanks for bringing the lessons into the home for those of us that are unable to attend a classroom. Keep up the great work!

Thank You.

George (8.3.12, 10:10pm)
Dear Mr. Andrews-

Thank you for your good work. I am greatly profiting from watching the T3i Crash Course DVD. They're highly detailed and informative.


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