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Canon 60D Crash Course Training Video

 10 Customer Reviews
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10 Customer Reviews  
Rich miller (2.1.21, 7:46pm)
i grew up with a 35mm camera and was very comfortable with it. when film went away, i sold my camera.
I bought my 60d 8 years ago, expecting to continue on with photography. BOY WAS I WRONG! I have this camera and a manual the size of a NY phone book! I was intimidated. i purchased Michaels tutorial video. It is an easy and informative video to watch and i was overjoyed on how much i was learning about my camera! Micheal did a fabulous job creating this video. He's a good speaker and narrates like he's a good friend, sitting in your home.
Thank you Michael!!
Derek (9.29.15, 9:54pm)
I loved this video. There was a lot of information and it was so informative. I am a visual person and so I think its great to have a video that is well executed,and to be able to teach me all about my camera. I love that there is so much more that is included than just information about the camera. Would be great for any skill level. I highly recommend this video to anyone who is interested in learning a lot of new things.
Bruce Washington (9.29.15, 9:53pm)
This is the second DVD course I have purchased by Michael Andrew. The course is excellent. The key features of the Canon 60D are explained clearly and at a comfortable pace. The included bonuses covering composition, lighting, portrait, etc. make this DVD an absolute bargain.
shelli sherwood (11.6.12, 4:27am)
This was my first Michaelthemaven product and it was well put together and easy to follow, I really feel after watching the fist time I understood the camera, then am able to refer back when need to refresh and try to improve. I have just purchased 2 more products and the lighting crash course and the speedlite videos, as I am ready to advance in my photography and feel these videos are so worth the money.
Lisa Simmonds (8.14.12, 3:56pm)
I purchased this Dvd after I upgraded my Camera to a 60D.
As I am a visual learner the Dvd was a joy to watch and learn from rather than the camera manual.
After watching this Dvd, I was so confident using my camera and the various setting changes were a breeze to use.
When I upgrade my camera, I will certainly purchase the matching Dvd from Michael again.
Diane C. (8.10.12, 5:20pm)
When I went from my Canon Rebel to the Canon 60D I was really lost. Then I purchased MA's tutorial and thank goodness I did because he leads you through each section step by step and there were many things that I didn't know and would probably have not known had it not been for this tutorial. This DVD was truly a lifesaver for me!
Arleen Birks (8.10.12, 12:34am)
I'm so happy with the Canon 60D tutorials and just wanted to let you know.

I only wish I'd found your tutorials earlier as I've been using 'Dummy Mode' since I got my camera 6 months ago as I was too scared to use anything else and had no idea!

I'll definitely get some of your other tutorials very soon.

Thanks again!
Thomas P. (8.3.12, 10:08pm)
What an AWESOME DVD!. Being new to the digital SLR format I needed to get the best traing that was easy to follow and informative enough to get me up to speed. The Canon 60D Crash Course DVD was just the ticket! I've learn more than I ever expected to and was able to improve on my photography too! I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get the most out of thier 60D. Thomas P.
Marlon S. (8.3.12, 10:07pm)
Hello There! We have already watched the first hour of the Caon 60D Crash Course DVD, and it is a marvellous resource. We are new to SLR Photography, and this DVD is just what we need. Thanks very much, and keep up the fantastic work! We will enthusiasticaly recommend your products to any of our frineds who are likewise looking to take up photography more seriously. Best Regards, -Marlon S.
Ronaldo R. (8.3.12, 10:07pm)
Hi Michael! Just wanted to say thank you so much for the great work you put into the Canon 60D DVD Crash Course Training Video set. I am a beginner and really knew nothing about the camera so I thought it would be a good idea to invest a little money into some quality training. I watched your DVD the first day I got it, and then watched it again the second day and I can honestly tell you that even as a beginner, I am feeling very confident in using my 60 D. I went out to the park with my daughter, and the pictures before and after watching the lessons were like night and day. I especially appreciated the lesson on Exposure Compensation. The video lessons were a great primer for me to get started. I honestly do not know how anyone would even try to learn the camera on their own. This was $40 very well spent and I highly recommend this to anyone else looking to get started. I am very excited to start the Speedlight Crash Course DVD. Thanks Again! - Ronaldo R.

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