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Photography Business Video Workshop

 3 Customer Reviews

3 Customer Reviews  
Aja Vickers (5.9.14, 10:33am)
I could go on and on about how wonderful your Photography Business Crash Course DVD is, but the bottom line is… thank you!!!
Danny Phibbs (9.11.12, 11:49pm)
Hi, my name is Danny Phibbs and I have been studying some of your dvd's. I have the 60d, speed light, advance photography, and business crash course. Of course the business crash course is the most difficult one to learn. I love your teaching style. Because of your teaching style I can and know how to operate all functions and modes. But not as fast with settings as I would like to be. I follow your blog and was wondering are you still doing weddings? If not what is your target market. Just curios as I consider you to be my personal trainer. Sorry for the long letter, but honestly as much as I have been studying your dvd's and your bog I feel like I know you, but you have no clue who I am. Well I have bothered you enough and Thank you in advance if you write back. ps. looking forward to the competitions you are going to have. I can't wait to put what I have learned to the test. Again Thank You -Danny Phibbs
Michael Harvey (8.14.12, 4:13pm)
A BIG thank you to Michael Andrews for creating this DVD set. Purchasing his Photography Business Crash Course was the smartest thing I could’ve done and it has already more than paid for itself.

It took a week to watch the 7+ hours of video and complete all of the workbook exercises. In that time, I have completely revamped my marketing strategy, editing workflow and increased my shoot to edit ratio. Some action items still on my list are: update pricing structure, expand into new markets, blog blog blog and rewatch these DVD’s.

Although it is early to show, some test results from applying his 4 Prong marketing techniques have been two additional sessions shot last week and one booked referral for next week. That more than covers my initial investment for this program. I also purchased his Photography Contract Maker app for my Android smartphone. Clients can now sign a release right on my Evo 4G. A PDF copy is then emailed to them and me immediately - no more papers or scanning. A great way to increase my time value.

If you are unfamiliar with Michael, his teaching style is very effective (especially if you want to learn about fishing). Using metaphors and his own experience, he combines common sense, classroom theory and real world application. Within the first few minutes, you will know, like and trust him. Best of all, what he teaches can be applied to any business. I am already helping my fiancé integrate some of these principles into her company.

Michael says that no matter what stage your photography business is at, approach it believing you only know 5-10% of everything you need to learn. If you are questioning whether or not to BUY THIS PROGRAM, ask yourself, how much do you feel you know and what benefit could learning more have?

If you are like me, you’ll ADD THIS TO YOUR CART. It is truly a gift that pays for itself. Again, thank you so very much!
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