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Canon 7D Crash Course Tutorial Video

 21 Customer Reviews
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21 Customer Reviews  
William Hrasko (6.3.17, 1:20pm)
This is a must no matter what your level of photography is. Not just a how to on taking great photographs, but a complete guide to understanding, setting up, and using your camera like a pro. Well done Mike!

Danielle Hanna (1.13.14, 4:15pm)
Excellent Training Sessions. First time DSLR owner after living with my compact in my pocket. Michael has a really great way of explaining things which is very easy to pick up. I was going to book in for a beginners photography course and stumbled across your products. So glad i did :) I'm so much more confident now on using and playing with the 7D. A big thank you from Australia!
Luis Perez (9.24.13, 12:56pm)
Excellent video. I consider myself above average photographer with several years of experience, but this video really helped to understand more in-depth all the functions of the 7D Canon
It took away hours, maybe days of reading the manual. I highly recommend this to all beginners and seasoned photographers, as this is money well spend.
Bob (6.29.13, 5:30am)
The Michael The Maven 7D Crash Course is very good.
Michael has an easy going, easy to understand sytle of delivery that works well to communicate each detail of using the Canon 7D camera. The production values on the video are good and the section on the use of the buttons on the 7D is very helpful. I found it interesting that he recommended 3 basic Canon lenses to use that my wife and I also use.

Overall the video is a good investment to starting climbing the learning curve of the Canon 7d.
Jon (6.29.13, 5:28am)
Like most people I simply hate reading how to booklets or assembly instructions with their aggravating small print (what icon was that?) . This DVD lets you learn your camera with a hands on approach. This for me is the fastest and easiest way to learn any skill. After retiring in 2005 I moved to Alaska and became a fairly proficient amateur "wood butcher" by working with a master carpenter. The two of us built my house there. Doing vs reading how to do is a far superior way to acquire knowledge and become proficient with your tools, whether they are a chop saw or your new camera body. I learned more in the first hour of watching ( and doing) this DVD than I ever could by reading the book. And the knowledge sticks! I am already a better photographer with my 7D. Photography is supposed to be fun... and it is as long as you don't have to fumble around. I was so impressed with Michael the Maven's crash course that I purchased another one as a Father's Day gift for my son who recently purchased a Canon 60D. He is of the same opinion. I wish it was available when I bought my first Canon DSLR (D60) way back when.
Alfredo Gago (5.7.13, 3:06pm)
Hey Michael, I just bought the Canon 7D Crash Course for beginners and this is AWESOME. I just wanna thank you for this incredible video.

Regards from Venezuela
Alfredo Gago
BreAnna Cannon (3.11.13, 6:29pm)
I really enjoyed this video. Although I didn't need the beginning photography section of it, it is always good to refresh on the basics. I bought this video to familiarize myself with the 7D. It didn't disappoint. It thoroughly goes over every aspect of this camera. I am upgrading from the Canon 50D and there are some significant differences. Almost anything you want or need to know about the 7D can be found on this video. My recommendation would be to watch the video by itself first, then watch it again with camera in hand. This way you can be somewhat familiar with it before a hands on lesson. lf I was forced to find a con to this video, some parts may be covered a little fast for a total beginner, but watching it twice should remedy that. I thought enough of this video, that I also bought the one for the Canon 580EX ll, after purchasing that flash. In closing, I would recommend this video to anyone new to photography, new to this camera or someone who wants to get the most out of their camera instead of using it as a very expensive point and shoot.
Jauvane C. de Oliveira (3.4.13, 5:50pm)
I ordered this DVD just after acquiring a Canon 7D a few years back. I got to know about the DVDs through some demo videos the author posted on youtube. I am not a novice in Photography, as I have it as a hobby for over 20 years, but I was far from being an expert as well. Let us face it: The user manual that comes with the equipment, while comprehensive, is not direct nor is it a pleasing cover-to-cover read. If you acquired your new equipment and wished you had someone who knows the gear to explain things to you in easy, albeit comprehensive, terms, this DVD is for you! It tells you what each button and option in the menus do, how you can configure the equipment to work the way that best suits you and get up in full speed rather quickly. It also has a crash course in photography, section which is not gear specific.

Michael has very strong teaching skills (and trust me, I do know what I am talking about!). He makes relevant comparisons that helps one understand the concepts quickly. If you watch this video and pay attention to the lessons, you will have full control on your camera in a quite short while. The DVD has an awesome menu that allows you to quickly reach the lesson you need (to remind you how to set that option in the menu, for instance). That alone makes the DVD worth it.

Michael also goes on to help a beginner to improve his/her skills and to get technically better shots. Do remember that this DVD is aimed at beginners, so that advanced techniques wouldn't fit here. The lessons are down-to-earth, informal but straight-to-the-point information on your equipment, with some suggestions on settings that may suit someone's needs.

Some of the sequences in the DVD were recorded for dual purpose: use in the DVD as well as to be posted as a sample in youtube. Such approach leads the DVD to have quite a bit of introductions - Hi, I am Michael Andrew, etc. - but it delivers precious information chapter after chapter. Do not let that turn you away from the awesome information contained in the DVD. More recent DVDs from Michael have fixed this minor issue.

After acquiring this Canon 7D DVD I was so happy with the time it saved me that I ordered quite a few more of his DVDs, including the Canon 580 EXII/430 EXII Crash Course, Advanced Photography Techniques, Lighting Crash Course, amongst others. I do not hesitate to recommend his videos/DVDs to whoever wishes to have full control over the equipment without having to parse the user manuals. The time it'll save you makes it a worthy investment.

I also took formal photography courses in the last few years. The DVDs helped me to fully exploit those courses. In a formal course one doesn't have time to teach each camera owner how to set such and such option, considering the diversity of equipment, so that the DVD provided great support in that as well.

Knowing the DVD content, if I were to decide today whether or not I should buy this DVD, I would not hesitate to acquire them all over again. I expect to order related DVDs on all new gear I acquire for which a DVD is available. The next in line is the Canon Speedlite 600 EX-RT... If you are still unsure about it go on and watch his demo videos on youtube. They made me order my first DVD and will likely help you decide too.

Keep up the great work Michael!
Tony Fernandez (2.13.13, 11:44pm)
ust wanted to thank you on the great DVD lessons you laid out for us enthusiast photographers. This will be my first DSLR (I choose the 7D). I've been studying YouTube vids, on-line material, and your DVD for the last 4 months. My camera will be here Friday and I get to "play" with it all day Saturday at our trip to the Riverside County Fair this weekend. My brain is so overloaded with info that I'm tempted to just use the aperture priority mode and shoot raw for the day/night at the fair. Super Excited and again ThankYOu on a great learning tool you created.
Katherine Flesh (2.12.13, 3:45pm)

Just a quick note to tell you how much I ended up enjoying your 7D crash course that I recently purchased. At first I just wanted you to stop talking (because you reminded me of guy I’d like to sock square in the jaw..), but as I completed the series last night, I found myself hoping to hear more from you J! It was really helpful and has enabled me to become much more familiar with my new camera in a super easy way. By the time I finished my camera was all set up and I am ready to go shoot. I especially liked how you did the menu so that I could easily go back and watch sections again, etc. Anyway, I will likely buy some more of your DVD’s in the near future. If you ever offer a workshop in the San Francisco or Northern California area, please let me know, I would definitely sign up.

Again, thanks for such a great learning experience!


Katherine Flesh
Dan Horne (2.3.13, 4:17pm)
I wish Steve Jobs could have been put in charge of Canon's camera division. The cameras are by their nature complex, but the UI is horrendous, and I suspect that they are for all Pro and Prosumer cameras in exactly the same way smartphones used to be... layers of menus, non-intuitive buttons and options that tend to be hidden away.

Suffice to say I was struggling a little my 7D, and a clip of Michael Andrew's training video on Youtube led me to purchase his course.

Let me start with the benefits - early on Michael tells you some configuration settings that should be checked straight away. My main struggle with the camera was around the auto-focus regions and options. The manual was pretty opaque, the video was crystal clear on what settings were appropriate, and in how to use the focus functions.

He also goes through each option in the menus and explains exactly what they are and when they should be used.

However, I was a little disappointed about some aspects:

* The section on video was very small - as pointed out, there wasn't much room, but then all of the informations about editing, backups etc should have been removed, as they are not relevant the 7D per se. For instance, we didn't use up the still photography discussion with backups and editing, so why is video different? I'd like to see a bit more about live view with respect to video. The concepts from photography are transferrable, but then you have to flick around between sections to pull it together

* The look of the instruction video is all over the place. I can only assume that a lot of the fundamentals are common to all cameras and the clips are repeated for each course where the information is generic. Backgrounds change, side burns grow and shrink ... it's the visual equivalent to blinking tags and multi-colour text from 90s web pages.

* Michael goes through what he puts in his camera bag, probably less useful to me than actual 7D info. It's nice to know he puts chewing gum and earbuds in there, but when he pulls out a Canon remote, he lists the cameras that it will and won't work with. Unfortunately, the 7D isn't mentioned at all... I think a lot of viewers may be interested in this, but my preference would be to have more 7D training. Non-professionals won't have need all of his equipment, so it probably doesn't add much practical value.

* There is a preponderance of talking head explanation. I think "show don't tell" would work better at times - either using more diagrams to explain advanced fundamental concepts, or there should be more video of Michael in the field using various camera functions and explaining why he chose them for specific shots. There is some focus on portrait, but I'm really curious to know how to use the 7D for sport ... say football or motor racing (or even kids running around). The challenges of focusing and how to utilise the specific camera capability in such a situation is not mentioned at all

Having said this, Michael is very articulate and explains the concepts clearly. I learnt a lot, and have got beyond some of the areas I was stuck. That's worth the price of the video alone
Shaun Harris (1.11.13, 5:12pm)
I upgraded from a Canon 400D to the 7D back in April 2012, I have been using the camera using either full auto and sometimes in program mode. I wanted to learn using more of the features of the Canon 7D so I purchased the 7D digital field guide, book was helpful. Just recently I came across Michaels 7D crash course video, I am only ¼ into the video but so far found it excellent, he has some fantastic tips for taking better photographs. I can’t wait to pick up my 7D and start driving it to its full potential. Thanks Shaun

Sue Williams (12.26.12, 7:58pm)
Hi Michael
I am new to the world of real photography...but so excited to get started! I ordered your Crash Course for the Canon 7D, and although I have not finished watching the video, I can already see how helpful it is going to be for me. You really put a lot into this video...and you have a way of explaining it to where even I can comprehend! "smile" And that's saying a lot for me! I can't wait to get started on my journey to this "Wonderful World of Photography"! I always loved taking pictures with my Canon T50...yeah, it's been around for a while, but I must say, the last time I used that camera, it took some pretty awesome pictures! I know it's not even close to my new Canon...and I just absolutely love It! Anyways, I just wanted to let you know, I love the video and I'm sure it's going to help me through my journey to this "Wonderful World of Photography"!

Thank you for such an awesome training course!

Sue Williams
Scott Grasmick (12.8.12, 4:24pm)
I wouldnt recommend owning a 7D and not purchasing this crash course... Its AMAZING!!
David Caron (8.14.12, 3:58pm)
When I purchased the Canon 7D Crash Course, I had owned my 7D for over six months. I had read the manual, taken a Digital 101 class, read a book and still did not completely understand my camera. This DVD helped me get over that "hump" of mystery about this camera. Michael actually uses this camera and his explanations on how to use it and what to do with it are very clear. Great DVD training for someone looking to learn their 7D fast. Also, has been great as a reference. I replay sections as I need them.
Mark Hayward (8.13.12, 7:09pm)
Thanks for the 7D training course, it is the most detailed explanation of how the Canon 7D works. I highly recommend it, its worth every cent. Thanks so much for your hard work in putting this Canon 7D Crash Course together. It is worth much more than I paid.
Maureen Fitzhenry (8.10.12, 12:37am)
Just bought your Canon EOS 7D video and so far it's really great. Thanks for making it!
Steve Morovek (8.7.12, 10:22am)
When I bought this camera I hit You Tube to try and find some tutorials specific to the 7D. I came across many. Then I stumbled on a snippet from your DVD. I was rather excited as I was able to understand what you were saying. I took the chance and bought the 7D Crash Course. It blew me away! It was exactly what I was looking for. You go through the camera from top to bottom. The way you present it is sooo easy to understand. What I like best is you take the time to explain the features. And not only that but you throw in basic photography 101!! What a complete bonus.

Since then I have ordered many of your DVD's..Lighting CC, Advanced Photography Techniques CC, The 580 EXII CC, PS CC all were fantastic and all have your photography schooling in them.

I have had my camera less than a year now and because of your DVD's I have the greatest understanding of not only my 7D but of basic to intermediate photography as well.

Thank you so much Michael for taking the time to teach us.
Mike S. (8.7.12, 8:53am)
Great course....It is a lot easier watching a video, following along with the camera in hand, rather than trying to read the stupid owners manual. Michael covers the main points needed in fully understanding the operations of the camera.
Linda C (8.3.12, 9:12pm)
Hi Michael, Thank you so much for your incredible teaching DVD’s. I have recently watched your 7D DVD as well as your 580EX Speedlite DVD and have been blown away by the quality of both. I upgraded to the 7D in December so after six months had a reasonable working knowledge of most of the camera functions and buttons with the exception of live view and the video function before watching the DVD. Despite this I found the DVD incredibly worthwhile. I reset a lot of my custom functions and “My Menu” and now feel as if the camera is mine. As well as all the actual 7D info, all the teaching on photography itself was excellent. It integrated my existing knowledge with stuff I didn’t know and has put it all together in a way that is hugely meaningful for me. I feel as if I have a handle on exactly what it is that I need to practice. The section on the video helped to clarify a lot of the technical terms which was very useful. On my wish list would be for you to make a DVD on movie making and editing. Is there any thought of this for the future?

With regards to the 580EX Speedlite DVD, I have owned a 580 EX11 Speedlite since August 2007 but have only used it in the hot shoe on ETTL 11. Your DVD demystified the whole lighting subject and I now feel excited about using my speedlite more creatively. From a starting point of nearly zero knowledge, I was able to answer 13 of your 16 Quiz questions at the end completely correctly after watching your DVD thorough once. This is testimony to your incredibly clear teaching style. Thank you for the summary notes on the DVD rom which I have printed and now sit in my flash case for easy reference. A possible suggestion would be that you add some of the flash section that you have on the 7D DVD to the 580EX DVD for people who own a 7D with regards to the onboard flash acting as a master. As I have both DVD’s this did not affect me.

I feel that you have been incredibly generous with all that you have put on each of your DVD’s. It also feels as if you have given it your very best in the content, presentation and indexing for our future reference. Thank you very much for your excellent products. I look forward to receiving your Photoshop DVD which I have ordered, and I will keep checking your website for new products as they are so worth having.

Many thanks for sharing your knowledge so generously on you DVD’s and website. Kind regards Linda C.
Thérèse Gagnon (8.2.12, 9:07pm)
Thank you so much for this course for the canon 7D. I love it..very well done...the way you explain makes it easy to understand (even for a french canadian). I really recomand it! Thank you again!!
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