I know many of you have been patiently waiting for this so, I am very Happy to announce that my Canon 70D Crash Course Tutorial Training Video Manual is now available for download on my store. If you are a first time camera owner and have the 70D this is absolutely a must have purchase. The Video assumes viewers have no working knowledge of photography and works them through simple and easy lessons in just a few hours. By the end of the video, you will not only have a very solid foundation of photography knowledge, you will have an advanced understanding of the Canon 70D itself. The video covers everything from how to focus, shooting modes, drive modes, white balance, flash, live view, video shooting, as well as all the other major functions of the camera. Definitely easier, faster and more instructive than reading a book or the manual.

For those of you who order, we would definitely be interested in any suggestions you might have to improve it, and we typically do on these first download drafts. If you see something weird or that looks out of place, please let us know! There are so many features in the menu and new live view lessons, it pushed us a bit over our typical mark of 4 hours. We will be making some adjustments to some of the lessons (mostly volume adjustments), and might add an additional 1-2 lessons if we can figure the space problems out.

For those of you who order the download now, you may add the DVD when it is available for the price of shipping only. An revised lessons will also be made available on the download store, which you will have access to.

Thank you so much everyone for your support!

Ready to buy? CLICK HERE: Canon 70D Crash Course Tutorial Training Video Download