UPDATE: The Canon 70D Crash Course is now Available here: Canon 70D Crash Course Tutorial Training Video Download

Been getting plenty of questions about the Canon 70D Crash Course Training Tutorial Video and when it will be available:Ive been working non-stop on it since it arrived and I would be really shocked if the downloads were not available by this weekend, the 21st at the latest. Anyone who orders a download and would like to add a DVD when they are ready (about 4-5 weeks after the download is ready) can do so for the cost of shipping only ($8.95 in the US).

It amazing to me how with each camera there are more and more features, which require more and more knowledge about the system as a whole. I do not see how it would be possible for an average person to purchase a camera like the 70D and have an enjoyable shooting experience, or be able to max out its potential without some kind of training. Its getting to the point now where, Im worried I wont be able to fit everything into the 4 hours of space we have on the DVD.

Ill make an announcement here as soon as it is ready, but it is looking like it will be Saturday at the latest. Thank you for your support!

Canon 70D Crash Course Tutorial Training Video Download