3 Years ago today, one of my best friends, Mark Forester, a combat controller with the US Air Force was killed in Afghanistan while attempting to rescue a fallen teammate. His brother Thad, has recently completed the book about his life, titled “My Brother in Arms“.

It is now available on Amazon. From September 29th – Oct 2nd, it will be available as a FREE download. If you own an iPad or iPhone device you should still be able to read it through the free Kindle App For Apple Devices- Kindle App as well.

Mark Forester is the best personal example that I know of in terms of what it means to live honorably, to serve with charity and to sacrifice unselfishly. You will be a better person for reading this book, and come to better know the price that is paid for the freedoms we enjoy. I have read almost all of it today in a single sitting and wanted to get the word out. Download it it as soon as possible, and read it when you can. My Brother in Arms” on Amazon: My Brother in Arms – On Amazon
The Mark Forester Foundation The Mark Forester Foundation
Kindle App For Apple Devices- Kindle App For Apple Devices