First of all. let me say that I absolutely loathe spam emails, as well as telemarketers. They drive me nuts, and I believe they are somewhat illegal. Thats just my personal opinion.

On the other hand, I have over 500 people who have signed up for my Newsletter, of which I have sent out exactly 1, simply because I do not like blowing up reader’s in boxes. That said, there are clearly a significant amount of interest in my work, inside news and new product release dates. (Like a Photoshop Crash Course DVD for example which is nearing completion).

It just so happened that I stumbled upon this website recently, and again this today, and so far it looks pretty cool. Apparently it manages your newsletter lists and does all kinds of cool things automatically, like updating your list when emails are changed or opting readers out. Mail chimp also helps with dynamic html, which allows you to drop photos into your emails.

If you ever have a need to send out a LEGIT mass email, you might want to look into Mail Chimp.

Mail Chimp