Everyone…cross your fingers. I had a very positive phone call with Brock Martin of Infinet Design this week. He is the programmer who designed this blog and has a 6 month waiting list for new projects. Brock without question is the most professional web programmer I have ever met. He is fast, has great design ideas, and his websites are super-functional and easy to manage. Brock has also turned me down on at least half a dozen programming projects, simply because he is so focused on what he does best. He is tremendously disciplined in his work ethic.

I approached him in hopes he would consider redesigning my photography school, which was pieced together by myself and another programmer, it was a ton of work and took months to get right. The problem with the school is, it is flash based and hard to reference lessons (using outside links). It is also practically impossible to add new lessons, so I contacted Brock and it looks like he may consider doing the project- if he does, it will be a huge HUGE upgrade. I have about 70 more lessons I would like to have on the school, all free to provide great, fun lessons, homework, etc for beginning photographers.

If you are looking for a custom blog, Brock is THE BEST. (He is also very expensive and worth every penny). Take a look at some of his clients. If you decide you want to hire him, please tell him I recommended you to him:

Infinet Design