Lee Morris is not only an extremely successful commercial and wedding photographer, he’s also one of the co-founders of Fstoppers. Fstoppers is one of the most popular and widely visited photography sites on the internet.

Recently he received a Facebook message letting him know that some of his work was possibly being stolen. It’s the same old story. A newbie who’s work isn’t up to par trying to pass off the highly professional work of others as their own. The interesting part is how Lee handled it.

First of all he never mentions the guy’s real name. He did have images linked to the article but removed them after too many Fstopper users were looking the guy up. He doesn’t come off upset or vengeful. He comes off extremely understanding and forgiving. Especially since the photographer in question sent his sincere apologies.

His calm, graceful response to this guy’s theft is pretty inspiring. Lee’s point-of-view was that he’s so successful that this guy’s theft couldn’t affect his business in the least and everyone makes mistakes. Check out the article here