As many of you know I am currently working on my 3rd book, my first fiction book. I just chip away at it every morning for an hour or so. A couple months ago, Master Class had an all you could consume offer of $90/year for the first year and $180 for ever year after.

Id taken the screenwriting course by Aaron Sorkin and enjoyed it, so I thought I would try it out and take a few classes on a few different subjects, including Chess by Gary Kasporov (it was very good and he even responded to me on Twitter), but really wanted to get some good insights for writing.

The Class by James Patterson was just INCREDIBLE. Literally every chapter was just packed with amazing insights. Ill probably watch it a second time.

I am in no way affiliated with Master Class, and am simply saying if you are a writer of fiction, you will enjoy this class very much.

James Patterson’s MasterClass on Writing