UPDATE My Canon 80D Crash Course is now available for purchase by download worldwide: CLICK HERE for Michael’s Canon 80D Tutorial CourseMy Canon 80D arrived yesterday and I am already taking it through several tests and learning many interesting things. It turns out there is much more to it than the specs indicate and while there are no 4K video features, it has a robust focusing system not found on any other Canon Camera, this includes both for stills (sports shooting) as well as video. Basically all of the little weaknesses I saw in the 70D have been updated. A new 70D is still listed at about $1000, with the 80D coming in at $1200, I would say it is a no brainer to go for the 80D. Ill have more coming on this soon.

Other bells and whistles I am noticing:

– Built-in Intervalometer
– Multiple HDR modes (though I do not like any of them)
– Multiple Exposure Mode
– Headphone Jack
– Improved Low Light Focusing
– Improved Buffer Performance (though not as deep as the T6s/T6i surprisingly).

Ill have specific numbers coming on these as soon as I finish my actual focusing tests side by side in an actual shooting situation.

We expect the Canon 80D Crash Course Training video to be ready for download in about 2-3 weeks. Mid-Aprilish. The DVD should be ready sometime in May.