I had a truly bizarre experience Sunday and Monday. I tenatively had three shoots scheduled in St. George, Utah. One rescheduled for today in Brigham City, the other cancelled and the last was still on for a shoot on monday. I confirmed the appointment as I usually do with this particular individual Sunday, who by the way, offered to cover my hotel expenses in return for my driving down, everything was set and ready to go. I would drive down Sunday, do the shoot monday afternoon, and come back Tuesday- not a big deal or unusual thing in the life of Michael Andrew.

So I drive down from Brigham City after Tammy’s shoot, about a 6 hour drive. I arrive in St George and discover the directions I was given were not accurate at all. I eventually find the hotel where my “reservations” had been made, and was told they were “cancelled” . Hmmmm. In any case I had been driving all day and needed a place to crash.

Monday morning, no call from the “client”, nor were any of my calls returned. I get the vibe that this was a wasted trip, and two hours into my drive home I get a voice mail from this “client” that they couldnt make it, to go to Zions and enjoy my time there.

Im about to head out for two shoots- so i will write more on this later. I think I may be a little or a lot naive- if I tell someone I am going to do something, I do it. It doesnt always go the other way. This is something I really dont want to change, I like giving clients and even complete strangers the benefit of the doubt. I still believe I would rather be trusting and naive than cunning and deceitful, unfortunately it means getting burned occasionally. I felt good because I knew it wasnt going to effect me in a negative way, so I went to Zion’s (not the Arches Park) and spent a few hours looking around. It was great!I love to see textures in nature! 🙂