I have to state that I was not a fan of how the information about this mission made it into the film makers hands, I think it should have been kept secret. I also think it was a mistake to announce UBL’s death the day after it happened when we had just gained access to so much data from the raid.

That said, this film is important because of it’s historical significance, as well as it sheds light on the amount of work and efforts of those who are working behind the scenes. I recommend seeing it in theaters. While the first half drags just a little, it clearly shows the difficulties & dangers of gathering intelligence in the war on terror.

Between Zero Dark Thirty and No Easy Day (whose author is somewhat shown & referred to in the film) I think we can get a pretty clear picture of how UBL was found and how the raid was carried out. Zero Dark Thirty is more from the Intelligence side, No Easy Day is from the Seal’s perspective.