Im starting to have very mixed feelings about Netflix.

Seriously, the DVD side of it is awesome. Always has been. I hated going to the rental store to return DVDs, and I even think Netflix has a larger selection.

The streaming videos from Netflix has had it’s ups and downs. For the first couple years, it was really great. Then recently, its just bare. Very limited selection. Not sure Ill be sticking with it much longer.

They do however get a few gems, and the documentary about Bo Jackson “You Dont Know Bo” is one of them.

A truly fascinating story of an American Sports Hero-Gifted-Freak-Of-Nature with Paul Bunyan like stories to boot, only most of them are true.

Bo Jackson was one of my favorite running backs growing up as a teenager, just an extremely rare package of athleticism. The documentary gave a lot of wonderful insight into his childhood, his struggles, why he didn’t go to Alabama, why he didn’t finish his Senior Year of Baseball when he was tearing it up, why he refused to sign with Tampa Bay, how he ended up with the Raiders and what happened when his career was tragically & unexpectedly cut short.

(Remember, this is a guy who played in the NFL as a “hobby” and completely dominated. He also has the fastest handheld time at the NFL combine at with a speed of 4.17.)

Highly Recommended