This book was recommended to me by Mark’s brother Thad. It not only answers the question I have asked myself so many times on the road “How can I manage to workout no matter what my schedule?”… it takes fitness to a whole nother level.

The Book’s author, Mark Lauren is an Air Force Special Ops instructor. From what I gathered was para-rescue (these are the guys who go in to save downed pilots) and was with the 22nd Special Tactics Squadron. It is his job to prep guys like Mark for service, and keep them in top physical condition and his book “You Are Your Own Gym” teaches an absolutely incredible system of using body weight exercises to maximize workouts through BRUTAL variations of reps and techniques. When I looked at the initial workouts, I initially thought I was misreading. 4 total sets of something called “ladders”? It seems that most of the entire workouts in the book last about 20 minutes. Boy was I in for a rude awakening….It seem’s every type of exercise I found in here pushes you quickly to a breaking point, and then challenges you to do more. Its not like lifting a weight for X amount of reps- its giving it your best every – single – time

I have been working out consistently since I was 16 and Im able to do between 100-120 consecutive push-ups as a warmup on chest exercise days. I am ashamed to admit that some of his variations I could only squeak out 10 or 12 reps and was absolutely “smoked”(exhausted) after trying them. There were a few variations of push-ups I was not able to do a single rep. Trust me…when you see these things you will understand. Having “tested” out some of the leg exercises on Friday, I am still sore Monday night.

Something Thad also mentioned is that you can really break that 20 minute workout into 4 – 5 minute workouts throughout the day, meaning there is really no reason you cannot get a fantastic workout in. There are always lulls throughout the day. Having gone through 2 workouts- I am a believer!

If you are looking to find a way to always have a workout system with you, or are just looking to change up your exercise routine, “You Are Your Own Gym” comes highly recommended. Probably the best $10 I have spent on physical fitness.